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What is the content of the APP making quote?
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Mobile app software has become a necessity for people's daily life. There are more and more companies choosing to develop mobile phone software APP. If you are hesitant to develop an app, you may want to check out the cost quotation of mobile app development.
1. What is the difficulty of the function of the app software development and development? What is the content of the app making quote?
The difficulty of the function of the App custom development is an important factor affecting the development price of the enterprise APP. Because the APP function is the basic core of an application. The development cost of software with simple functions and complex functions will be very different. In general, the simple enterprise product display APP, its development function will be relatively simple, and for example, the e-commerce order system application software, the function will be much more complicated.
2. The work content involved in the app software development and development The work content involved in the custom development of the app is also a very important factor affecting the app software development price. If it is a discretionary development, including planning, design, development and other processes, the development quotation will be relatively high; if it is self-planning-design, and complete the online application process, it is pure technical function development, the cost Will be relatively low.
3. Does app software development support iterative? Everyone knows that a good app must be able to update in real time, fix bugs, improve functionality, and iterate over. If the company has such a demand, the corresponding cost will increase.
4.app software development and development of technical support development environment: AnDroiD StuDio, eclipse. How to build AnDroiD development environment; data structure, some functions of the app involve algorithms. AnDroiD SDK, API interface development, including self-developed API The ability to call the third API, familiar with tcp, IP, socket and other network protocols; server webservice related knowledge and corresponding development language, commonly used PHP, JSP, ASP.Net. In addition to these functional foundations, App development also involves the UI Design, framework, performance optimization, debug adaptation, etc.
What is the content of the APP production quotation decision?
It is also recommended that entrepreneurs who want to develop app applications must determine the function and specific needs of app development so that they can reach an agreement with app development technology companies in the shortest possible time. Since the high-rise buildings are on the ground, the development needs need to be finalized in the same way as the foundation. It is necessary to pay attention to it, change it to change, affect the normal application of the app application software, and then miss the best promotion time, which should be the market share and its development.
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